a unique door!

Your door is unique and it stands out for the high-tech manufacturing in all its components.

“...I bought the house with the door and I don’t know whom should I contact to repair or replace a damaged or broken part...”

On the special recognition plate, fixed on the shutter in a permanent manner is engraved the identification code, that represents the originality and history, for the Buyer protection and to request assistance even in case the product is sold several times.

Only the original Winnerdoor® doors, in addition to being CE marked in compliance with the european standards, are provided with the WinnerUnix recognition plate.

With the identification code, all the construction data of your door are stored, along with all the elements that compose it.

With WinnerUnix we therefore ensure maximum technical assistance in case of replacement of the external panel and glasses.

WinnerUnix means total quality over time thanks to a global assistance chain capable of integrating any need in after-sales support.

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